Case Study: Halal Gems

Halal Gems is an online portal dedicated to Halal dining. It caters to those Halal foodies looking for all options, from fine dining through to fast food.

We were approached to refine the brand into something that matched its ambitious goals of being the place to go-to for Muslims looking for great food. It would be more than just a website. It would be a network of resources which would promote better quality and more exposure.

Through a couple of Skype presentations held half the world apart, we were quickly able to overhaul the brand into something much grander, and began expanding the core brand across it many facets.

One concept we developed for the brand was the Gem Hunters. This elite team of Halal foodies would be chosen from all over the world to represent Halal Gems and provide editorial reviews of different restaurants. World cuisine domination was their mission.

Working in conjunction with their developers, we were able to advise and design for a tighter user experience with the website become the home portal.

Restaurant review pages involved carefully balancing the display of quite a lot of information. As well as the normal address and contact details you may find on other sites, we also had to design for Halal status and features.

A really exciting element for us was the digital magazine.

We produced the foundations of the design through the Mag Plus platform, which allowed for some great interactivity for the reader. We set up a template which their internal team would flesh out to create the final version of the magazine.

Other applications of the brand were also set-up as template which their team could populate. We were all too happy to provide extra advice when needed.

With these templates in hand, their team were able to continually implement the updated brand across all channels and grow their reach.

"Halal Gems Magazine now has 40,000 subscribers after only two issues. Issue 2 was downloaded over 1,000 times in the first six hours of being released. We know that the beautiful brand has a lot to do with that. I would recommend Peter and his team for anyone who wants to create a timeless, innovative and beautiful brand."

Zohra Khaku – Founder, Halal Gems