Moving beyond a literal definition of ‘Islamic’ design

Written By:
Peter Gould, Founder & Dreamer


I feel “Islamic Design” is often taken too literally to mean a dash of Arabic, crescent symbol, use of green, or geometric mosaic tiling. This is a limited and superficial understanding because those visual elements were originally creative expressions of a much richer understanding of beauty created by traditional artists.

Islamic Design in the purest sense it is a deeply inspired process practised by those who feel a sacred connection and divine purpose in their work.

In the past the role of Designers was primarily to remind themselves and others of God, The Ultimate Designer, for God is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty. So Islamic Design is concerned with how it makes us feel, not just how it looks. 

How we understand and interpret our role as Designers and creative professionals in today’s ultra branded and consumer-driven world is a challenge, and an important ongoing conversation. Applying mosaic tiling onto a product package or fashion accessory might look great, but we should try to look deeper into our faith for inspiration and illumination. 

I don’t think we can outshine creative masters of the past, but we can honour our creative legacy in the language of today by developing beautiful brands with ihsaan, delightful creative user experiences and wonderful products that are guided by a deeper sense of purpose.