Strategic Process

For over ten years Peter Gould and his dynamic team have enjoyed helping clients achieve success by developing memorable brands and engaging creative projects. The Gould strategic process and international team offers an effective and unique approach. Click here to download our PDF


Our first priority is to understand you and your aspirations at a deep level. We want to know your story, your vision and the impact your brand can make in the world. Our entire strategic process is about developing and launching your ideas in a meaningful, memorable and sustainable way.

Workshop: Interactive session using our custom Brand Strategy Canvas to identify and explore your key opportunities, challenges, and story up until today.

Research: In-depth exploration guided by interviews and observation to understand your customer segments, industry, key partners, competitors and co-opetition.

Brainstorms: Our team distills and creatively explores all elements and findings from the Discover stage to inform purposeful brand strategy building.


Strategic design is informed by research, workshops, interviews, and brainstorming conducted by experienced creative professionals on our team. Our process involves a consideration of business objectives and the thinking that will define foundations for building an iconic brand well into the future.

Development: Imaginative crafting and shaping of concepts for visual identity and creative messaging, anchored in the findings from the Discover stage.

Presentation: Our strongest ideas are packaged and presented as a series of original options.

Refinement: With your feedback, the best ideas are evolved and refined until we arrive at a memorable creative solution that addresses strategic criteria.


Your brand is defined by the experience your clients and customers have along their journey. Strategic design proactively addresses all of these touchpoints and is guided by empathy for user experiences.

Touchpoints: Our creative ideas are focused around points of direct interaction that your customers and clients will have with your brand.

Assets: We define and craft a comprehensive series of branded creative deliverables. Each project may have unique deliverables to match strategic objectives. Standard deliverables include an array of digital and print branded assets.

Unlike most other brand development firms, we also provide full transfer of copyright so all assets and files produced are 100% owned by you upon project completion.


We help launch the campaign we've created for you by sharing it with our extensive network, enabling you to reach a ready-made audience. Beyond this, the Brand Strategy & Guidelines we carefully craft for you continues to add value for many years to come.

Results: Our major deliverable is the Brand Strategy & Guidelines document. It captures all the strategy, messaging, technical guidelines, research, and creative work for your brand.

Well Connected: Through the goodwill our team has developed, we can activate our social platforms to launch new brands to considerable effect by personal recommendation where appropriate.

Future Growth: A strong brand strategy is a foundational guide that continues to add value to your brand for many years to come.

If you would like to have us run through this process with you, please feel free to get in touch.