Written By:
Subhi Bora, Studio Director & ‘The Sage’




I went to my first TEDx talk at the Sydney Opera House earlier this week. It was an amazing day filled with ideas, music, and even an attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record in spoon playing!

Among the brilliant ideas, there were a few that stood out to me… Imagine being able to create a virtual copy of yourself as you are today, then speaking to that version of yourself either today or 10 years from now? Or perhaps learning directly from a virtual copy of Stephen Hawking or Elon Musk? Or speaking to a loved one who has passed?

Imagine a game or film linked to your brainwaves and responding to your emotional reactions, enabling the gameplay or storyline to be adjusted accordingly?

Imagine chip processors being replaced with a mechanism that is even smaller and more powerful thanks to quantum mechanics which enable atoms to store bits, leading to PHENOMENAL amounts of data to be held! Quantum mechanics also allows for data/energy to be transmitted with nearly no loss of energy!

All of these futuristic ideas are actually in existence today. Being created, tested, and opening up questions of just exactly what is possible and what limits should there be. These science fiction-like ideas were balanced with seriously moving stories about humanity’s capacity to give care & connection.

The message of togetherness was beautifully portrayed by the mix of speakers and experiences shared. Our present challenge appears to rest in appropriately balancing leaps in tech with limitless empathy… imagine what the future will be like!